Osnatol-Lackfabrik provides a target project surface coating for nearly every application

As a medium-sized enterprise we develop, produce and supply high-quality products into a number of market sectors by enjoying a good reputation in industry, trade and commerce. In order to achieve customer satisfaction we pursue strong customer relations and constant exchange. In addition to our broad range of products we offer to develop special coating solutions for requested individual customer applications. Thus we consider ecological guidelines as a measure of quality and safety.

Speciality products

  • Heat resistant silicon coatings
  • Straßenmarkierungsfarben
  • High-solid paints
  • Kühlerlacke
  • Chassis paints
  • Abziehlacke, Ölkammerlacke
  • Dickschichtlacke
  • Flameproof coatings
  • High build varnish
  • Yachting - Coatings

…and many more

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